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There are many schools in the state of Wisconsin that offer an accredited certified nursing assistant program; within Milwaukee, there are four: Amber House, Inc., J. Johnson Educational Center, Milwaukee Area Technical College, and Milwaukee Center for Independence.

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cna-certification image1CNA Certification in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In order to become a certified nursing assistant in the state of Wisconsin, students are required to attend a minimum of 120 hours of CNA classes at an accredited school. Thirty-two of those hours must be in a clinical setting. Once students have completed an accredited certified nursing program, they must pass the Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) exam. This exam consists of both a written and oral portion. After these steps have been completed, he/she is a certified nursing assistant and is able to lawfully work in the state of Wisconsin. The certified nursing assistant programs offered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are usually a one-course program accompanied by the clinical studies. They are also a fairly short program; for example, the program offered at the Milwaukee Center for Independence is only a three-week course. Upon completion of a certified nursing assistant program, students receive a technical diploma.

Salaries for CNA Certification Jobs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The average annual salary for a full-time certified nursing assistant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is about $22,000. This annual salary is about 9 percent lower than the national average salary for full-time CNAs.

List of CNA Certification Programs in Wisconsin

Certified nursing assistant programs in Wisconsin consists of both classroom work and clinical work. The programs are usually 120 hours, if not more, of mixed study and experience. Because it is a requirement to receive certification as a nursing assistant in Wisconsin, most schools offering a CNA program also offer CPR training. Students interested in taking CNA courses may begin while still in high school. As long as their is permission provided from a legal guardian, students are able to enroll once they are 16. Certified nursing programs in Wisconsin, including the programs provided by the four schools found in Milwaukee, prepare students to pass the Nurse Aide Assessment Program exam and enter the working field as an entry-level nursing assistant.